From Sun Up to Sun Down at Nagsasa Cove

4 hrs by Bus plus roughly 1 hour boat ride, you'll reach this secluded and enchanting place called Nagsasa Cove in Zambales.

Nagsasa Cove
Nagsasa cove in the morning

Any photographer will be ecstatic to capture the beauty when mountains and beach shores converged and pine trees sprouting as a result of the ash falls mixing with grayish white sands that seemed like a mixture of pounded crystals and corals.

Nagsasa Cove
Sunset at Nagsasa Cove
Phone calls and internet are impossible in this place while electricity is only through a power generator. But who needs those when you can have this beauty.

Nagsasa Cove
Nagsasa Cove at Night
When night time falls, go lie in the sand and watch the moon and the stars or lit a bonfire and gather your friends around it.

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